What Silk Products Worth Having Other Than Silk Pillowcase?


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Silk contains amino acids can naturally hydrates the skin & hair and reduces moisture loss. And silk is an ideal 'second skin' because it’s a protein fiber, meaning that is chemically quite similar to human skin and hair. Because of this reason, silk causes less skin infection and skin irritation. Besides silk is lighter and more breathable than most of other fabric which can bring you more comfy experiences.
You may heard a pure silk pillowcase can pamper your skin, smooth your hair beautifully and bring a good night’s sleep to you, however here’re many other silk products worth having. If you already know how good a silk pillowcase is, it’s time to try other silk products. You’ll be addicted to silk!
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Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is absolutely the first silk products you should have, it’s one of the smartest beauty products you can invest in. Think about how many hours you spend on your pillow everyday. No complex or time-consuming operation, just sleep comfortably on a silk pillowcase, it treats your skin & hair beautifully while you sleep and bring a good night’s to you. It’s so softy and comfy that once you tried a real silk pillowcase you wouldn’t sleep on anything else.


  • Super Soft & Smooth. So Comfy!
  • Cool & Breathable, Less Greasy
  • Calms Sensitive and Irritated Skin
  • Naturally Hydrates Your Skin and Hair
  • Younger Face, Less Wrinkles
  • Smoother Hair, Less Frizz
  • Beautiful Natural Lustrous Texture
  • Be Spoiled with Something Luxury

If you’re a silk newbie, here’re some tips for you to decide:

  1. How to choose a Silk Pillowcase?
  2. How to Identify Real Pure Silk?

Single side silk pillowcases

silk pillowcase australia

Actually there’s no much difference both sides silk pillowcases regarding to your experience but single side silk pillowcases are cheaper as only front side is silk. The advantage is the back side which is not silk is more durable and last longer from wearing between backside of pillowcase and bed. And because the price is cheaper than both sides silk pillowcases, it’s a good choice for silk beginners or someone with budget.

Both sides silk pillowcases



A both sides silk pillowcase is more luxury as the front and back are both silk and price is higher. It’s ideal for someone toss and turn during sleep as you can sleep on both sides.

Silk Eye Mask

It’s so light, soft and comfy, once you tried it, you won’t use other blindfold anymore. It’s small, you can use it any time and take it everywhere especially for travelling. And it’s not expensive, definitely worth having one!

Silk Underwear

Cool and slippery! If you feel your polyester underwear is hot and greasy, try a silk underwear. If your skin is sensitive or irritated, try a silk underwear. Silk it super breathable, you can stay dry and comfy all season long and silk can naturally hydrates your skin.

Silk Beauty Towel

Upgrade your beauty tower to be silk! Just image wash your face with natural protein fabric instead of other materials. Silk fiber is more soft and more fine than other fabric, so a silk towel can remove more dead skin cell, toxins and makeup and it’s more gentle than other towels. Also a silk towel is a great choice for sensitive or irritated face!

Silk Bonnet

Treat your hair with a silk cap. Not only for sleeping, you can wear is at home to protect your hair from dust & dirt and keep hair smooth all the time. If you have limited budge to purchase a silk pillowcase, you can start from a silk bonnet with cheaper prices, but if you toss and turn during sleep, you’d better to go a silk pillowcase instead.

Silk Beauty Puff

Fine Silk Velvet Pile Treat Your Skin Gently. A silk beauty puff could be used as a beauty towel, a powder puff and a reusable makeup pad as well. Compare to disposable makeup pad, it’s reusable and more Eco- Friendly.

Silk Face Mask

A silk face mask is a great replacement of disposal mask if you worry about maskne. Silk is ideal for sensitive skin and it’s more breathable, cool and comfortable to wear.

Silk Gloves

Your hands have a hard life, they can really show it. Silk gloves are breathable, light, and soft, they can prevent sunspots, hydrate skin and make your hands look younger. And it’s elegant to wear it.

Silk Heatless Curling Rod

No heat, no damage, curl your hair naturally with silk warped curling rod. With numerous benefits of silk, you’ll get a natural look with soft and shine hair. You deserve to be treated with beautiful silk! Compare to other curling rods wrapped with satin(polyester), we use real silk which causes less static and brings more moisture to hair.

Silk Scarf

You may think silk scarves do not worth mentioning and it’s old fashion only for nannies, the truth is classic is timeless. Not just a decoration, you can put it on top of your pillow then you’ll have a temperate silk pillowcase, it’s convenient during travelling. You can use it to wrap your hair instead of using a silk bonnet or silk turban. There’re so many ways you can create, it’s a must have for every woman.

Silk Ribbon

Definitely worth having a silk ribbon. A neck scarf, a head band, a hair tie, a bag decoration, just use your imagination. Another secret is you can braid you hair with silk ribbon as hair curler, curl your hair naturally without heat, there’s no hurting to hair.

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