How to Choose a Silk Pillowcase?

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Silk pillowcases are soft and smooth with lustrous shine. It’s worth having as it contains sericin that can pamper your skin & hair beautifully and it’s super breathable that bring a good night’s sleep to you.


You may feel difficult to decide where to buy a silk pillowcase or how to choose one. A silk pillowcase is around $80-$100 from some brands however when you browse online especially some ecommerce platforms you may find various prices, some of them are super cheap even under $10(obviously they’re not real silk, but some sellers still call them silk to confuse you). If you already got a very cheap silk pillowcase (for example, under $10), it won’t be real silk as real silk especially mulberry silk can’t be so cheap. Silk’s production is slow and labor-intensive. It’s time consuming that requires various manufacturing processes such as farming cocoons, spinning fibers, weaving cloth, dyeing, and treatment. Some steps still can’t be replaced by machines even in this modern world. The productivity of silk each year is limited. That's why silk prices are high.


You may still want try your luck to find a bargain or affordable alternatives. Here’re some tips for you to shop a real silk pillowcase online:


Make Sure Your Silk Pillowcase is Real Silk

Make sure it’s real silk from silk cocoon instead of other artificial material like polyester. Fake silk can be produced to be very similar to real silk, it’s hard to indicate just by feeling the texture with untrained eye. Read product description carefully to check what material is used. If you see “silk satin”, you should be very careful as usually it’s polyester satin. You can also ask seller to confirm.

Make Sure Your Silk Pillowcase is 100% Silk

Choose pure silk instead of silk blend, as pure silk is more soft and fine and can be simply tested. Real pure silk can be totally dissolved in bleach however silk blend or fake silk can not be. It’s straightforward to find out if your silk pillowcase is real silk or not. Read our article to find out how to identify real pure silk here: How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk For Silk Pillowcase?

Make Sure Your Silk Pillowcase is Mulberry Silk with Silk Charmeuse Texture

Silk charmeuse made of mulberry silk is the best material for silk pillowcases as it have super smooth and fine texture. Mulberry silk material is more refined than other types of silk. Silk charmeuse made of mulberry silk is the silk we have in mind when we think of ‘traditional’ silk which comes with a lustrous shine and soft & smooth texture.

Silk comes with many different types and textures, some silk fabrics comes with matt texture like silk chiffon, silk georgette. Not all silk materials are smooth and suitable to make silk pillowcases.

Identify a Reliable Silk Seller

It’s ideal to buy a silk pillowcase from a seller specialized silk products, they know silk better and you can easily find out reviews relevant to silk. Do some research or find out they business page like face to see how long they have running their business. They’re reliable if their business continued many years.


Single Side Silk Pillowcase or Both Side Silk Pillowcase?

Actually there’s no much difference regarding to your experience but price matters.

As the cost of pure silk material is much higher than other fabrics, single side silk pillowcases are cheaper as only front side is silk, the back side is made of other materials to cost down. The advantage is the back side which is not silk is more durable and last longer from wearing between backside of pillowcase and bed. And because the price is cheaper than both sides silk pillowcases, it’s a good choice for silk beginners or someone with budget.

A both sides silk pillowcase is more luxury as the front and back are both silk and price is higher. It’s ideal for someone toss and turn during sleep as you can sleep on both sides.

Choose Right Momme for Your Silk Pillowcase

Momme is about how much silk is used for a unit piece of silk material. Obviously the number is bigger, the price is higher. However you don’t have to choose the biggest number all the time because the number is bigger, the material is thicker and harder. 19-22 momme is ideal for silk pillowcases with right softness and price is affordable.

Check Price

Combine all the considerations mentioned above and check price at the last stage.A silk pillowcase with single side silk is a cheaper option. The price is lower than both sides silk pillowcase as silk material is only used at the front side, back side usually is made of other material which is more durable to prevent damage of rubbing or scratching with your bed sheet. It won’t bother you with a single side silk pillowcase as usually you won’t sleep on the back side. But if you want to splurge or you toss and turn at night, go to a both sides silk pillowcase. However if a ‘silk pillowcase’ (someone call them silk satin which is polyester) is super cheap, it shouldn’t be made of real silk, you’d better check carefully.



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