heatless silk hair curler

100% Mulberry Silk Ribbon Curler– SPOIL ME Silk Heatless Curl Rod Ivory Color

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Do you want beautiful and natural curly hair without irons or heat damage?  It’s really worth upgrading a normal heatless hair curler to a silk heatless curl rod.

  • Made From Luxury Real Silk-Not Fake Silk Satin
  • Create Bouncy and Natural-looking Curls In a Gentle Way
  • No Heat Damage, Less Hair Breakage & Dryness
  • More Moisture and Smoother Hair
  • Soft and Comfortable to Sleep In
  • Easy and Low-maintenance

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk ( Rod and Scrunchies are all real silk)
Size: 2*100cm(Silk Heatless Curl Rod)
Colour: Cream Color
Package: 1x Silk Heatless Curl Rod+2x Silk Hair Scrunchies

Benefit of Silk

Hydrate Skin & Hair

Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging

Soft, Cool and Comfortable

Regulate Temperature and Breathable

Less Allergy, Skin Friendly

How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk?

Testing with Bleach: Pure Silk will have fully dissolved in bleach within a couple minutes. It’s the most straight forward way to test because even silk blended won’t dissolve in bleach. If you want to test out product, we suggest grab a tiny bit of silk fiber from the

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