spoil me silk boxer shorts for men burgundy

100% Mulberry Silk Mens Silk Boxer Shorts-SPOIL ME Men's Silk Boxer Underwear Burgundy

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These silk boxer shorts are real game-changer. It's hard to go back to anything else once you tried this silk short. Level up your underwear game by investing in a few of the best pairs made from real pure mulberry silk. 

  • Pure 100% Silk Material
  • Super Cool and Soft, Very Comfortable to Wear
  • Breathable, You Can Stay Dry and Comfy All Season Long
  • Hypoallergenic, Cause Less Allergic Reaction ( Ideal for Sensitive Skin)

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk 
Size: M (Waist: 85-90 CM, Hip: 85-90 CM, Length: 38 CM)

Benefit of Silk

Hydrate Skin & Hair

Anti-oxidant and Anti-aging

Soft, Cool and Comfortable

Regulate Temperature and Breathable

Less Allergy, Skin Friendly

How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk?

Testing with Bleach: Pure Silk will have fully dissolved in bleach within a couple minutes. It’s the most straight forward way to test because even silk blended won’t dissolve in bleach. If you want to test out product, we suggest grab a tiny bit of silk fiber from the invisible corner (avoid sewing thread) to minimize the damage.

Playing (CAREFULLY) with Fire: Real silk will slowly burn while exposed to the flame, won’t catch fire, will smell like burning hair while touching the flame, but will stop burning almost immediately when the flame is removed. Fake silk, on the other hand, will melt into beads, smell like burning plastic, and can also catch fire, continuing to burn when you remove the flame!


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