FREE SAMPLE (LIMITED TIME ONLY) -100% Pure Mulberry Silk Fabric for SPOIL ME Silk Products

FREE SAMPLE (LIMITED TIME ONLY) -100% Pure Mulberry Silk Fabric for SPOIL ME Silk Products

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  • Thinking of buying a silk pillowcase?
  • Not sure what is real silk?
  • Don't want to take risk?

TRY A FREE TRAIL NOW!- SPOIL ME  is an Australian silk seller and provides you a small piece of pure mulberry silk material to test and understand what is real silk.


IT'S NO COST! Just places order as normal(we won't charge you), we’ll post you a package including*:


  1. One small piece of pure mulberry silk fabric sample (about 3x3cm, random colour)
  2. One instruction how to test real silk
  3. One SPOIL ME voucher (randomly )

*One sample for one customer only, if you order more than one, we only post one sample.

Real pure silk fabric especially mulberry silk is soft, comfortable, and treats skin & hair beautifully with numerous benefits. Unfortunately, many people use satin polyester instead of real silk because of the price or had bad experiences after purchased fake silk. Trust us, once you tried real silk, you will know how wonderful it is!

We are a sincere silk seller based in Australia since 2014. Our products are all made of real silk material-reliable and no fake. Our goal is to provide you real silk products at an affordable price. Spoil yourself and the people you love with lovely silk!

How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk?

It is important to watch out for fake silk or blended silk. People are always trying to use all sorts of strategies trick you into buying various kinds of fake silk. Unfortunately, unlike in life, you can’t fake it till you make it with silk.

Testing with Bleach: Pure Silk will have fully dissolved in bleach within a couple minutes. It’s the most straight forward way to test because even silk blended won’t dissolve in bleach. If you want to test out product, we suggest grab a tiny bit of silk fiber from the invisible corner (avoid sewing thread) to minimize the damage.

Playing (CAREFULLY) with Fire: Real silk will slowly burn while exposed to the flame, won’t catch fire, will smell like burning hair while touching the flame, but will stop burning almost immediately when the flame is removed. Fake silk, on the other hand, will melt into beads, smell like burning plastic, and can also catch fire, continuing to burn when you remove the flame!

If you want to know more about silk please read more here about silk material.



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