Why You Should Have a Silk Sleep Mask for Beauty Sleep?

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Why you should have a Blindfold for Sleep?

Unlike a lot of new, high-tech sleep gadgets on the market, a sleep mask is not a new thing, but a good blindfold for sleep could be a game-changer for your sleep and really worth having. It’s small and handy, you can bring everywhere and use it whenever you need a rest: night sleep, travelling, a break at work or study, a nap time, etc. It’s easy to buy a sleep mask and the price is not expensive, looks nothing special, but this simple solution can be just what you need to get your requisite shut-eye. They may help you maintain your natural sleep cycles and catch up on some very important beauty sleep.

Lights can disrupt our internal biological ‘clock’ and affect our rest and sleep. Eye masks or sleep masks block out light by acting as a shield. During the day, if you want a rest or a nap, wearing an eye mask can let you claim down quickly and get rest more effectively. You will still need an eye mask at night bedtime as darkness is so important for nigh sleep. You may think your bedroom is already dark, but any tiny light actually will affect your deep sleep. A sleep mask can block artificial light that can result in shallower periods of sleep or sleep disorders: streetlights, ambient lights in the bedroom (such as light from a clock), and blue light from phones and electronic devices.

Wearing an eye mask can also relief stress for your eyes by adding light pressure for stress relief, just like doing gentle massage to your eyes and muscles around. It great for people who spends long time on watching screens to get their tired eyes relaxed. It may also help may help with dry eyes, puffy eyes or gland issues to a certain extent.

Why you should choose a sleep mask made from pure real silk?

An eyes mask is really great for sleep and relaxing your eyes, however it’s very important to choose a good quality eye mask. Cheap low quality eyes mask like free eye masks from flight or hotel are usually made from polyester or plastic, they feels hard and unbreathable. They may disturb your sleep by uncomfortable feels, and the material may also cause skin irritations. Some silky like sleep mask is actually made from polyester satin, looks shinning, very similar to real silk but unbreathable and not skin friendly.

A silk sleep mask is really worth having. Not just good for a deep sleep and good rest, a silk eye mask feels to soooo good to wear-super soft and comfy. Once you have tried a sleep mask made from real silk, you won’t use other sleep mask anymore. Wearing a silk sleep mask is as comfortable as a SPA! So beautiful!

Pure silk material is breathable you won’t feel hot or wet all year round. It can reduce dark circles and swollen eyelid. Real pure silk is ideal for people with sensitive skin, there’s no irritations even the sleep mask covers your skin whole night. Because the silk texture is fine, a silk sleep mask is very gentle to skin. Fine silk fabric reduces the rubbing between masks and your skin which is gentler to your skin other than other materials. Because of this it won’t cause marks on your face and reduces wrinkles.

The bonus of wearing a silk sleep mask is silk contains amino acid which can keep skin moisturized. You’ll have younger skin and less wrinkles with the long term benefit of silk. While you sleep with a silk sleep mask, your skin is treated beautifully whole night-it is a real beauty sleep!

Compare to a silk pillowcases, a silk sleep mask more affordable and you may need it more than a silk pillowcase as it’s small and light, more convenient to carry. Try a silk sleep mask for a luxurious snooze. You’ll really surprised how good to have a silk sleep mask.

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