Why Use A 100% Silk Pillowcase?

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Think about how many hours you spend on your pillow everyday! A silk pillowcase can treat your skin & hair beautifully and bring a good night’s sleep to you, it’s one of the smartest beauty products you can invest in. It’s fantastic to pamper your skin and hair just through sleeping-simple and easy, no complex or time-consuming operation. And it’s so softy and comfy that once you tried a real silk pillowcase you wouldn’t sleep on anything else.

You Deserved To Be Spoiled With A Real Silk Pillowcase

Skin &Hair Benefits-Your Every Night Beauty Salon!

Silk is a natural, protein based fabric which is similar ingredient of your hair and skin. It’s made up of two primary proteins- fibroin and sericin. Sericin has important biological properties such as biocompatibility, antibacterial activity, antioxidant, and moisturizing. It has a high hydroxy amino acid content which regulates the skin's moisture content. It also has a unique carbohydrate moiety and a unique repetitive amino acid sequence which give it a high affinity for bonding to adhering proteins resulting in a tightening, anti-wrinkle effect. It could:

  • Naturally Hydrates the Skin & Hair
  • Prevent Wrinkles and Bring Younger Skin
  • Help Skin Absorb More of the Serums and Creams
  • Lower the Risk of Skin Infection and Skin Irritation
  • Reduces moisture loss from your skin & hair
  • Reduces Hair Split Ends
  • Smooth Hair and reduce tangles
  • Reduces Bed Hair & Frizzy Hair

Sleep Benefit-Like Sleeping On A Cloud

A real silk pillowcase feels cool and soft, it’s super comfy! The fabric is finer, smoother and more hygienic that can calm your skin and helps you feel more rested.

Silk pillowcases are very breathable and can regulate temperature. Silk threads allow for a 33% to a 38% space in between them in their structure, being able to keep humidity and air. That is the reason why silk can keep the body cold in summer and warm in winter and make your sleeping environment stay at a more constant temperature.

Body static can cause us to feel tension, anxiety and discomfort, while at night, excessive accumulated electrons result in uneasiness in bed and that prevents us from a restful deep sleep. Silk pillow cases has less static electricity than other materials like polyester satin and allows the body to relax better with deeper levels of sleep. You will toss and turn less.

Health Benefits-Less Skin Irritation


Silk is ideal for sensitive and fragile skin as it’s naturally hypoallergenic giving it a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus, and mold, as well as numerous other allergens. The cool and smooth texture can also calm & comfort your skin. For this reason, it is perfect for asthmatics and many other allergy sufferers.

Silk has fewer chemicals than those often found in other textiles like cotton, polyester, and rayon. Silk is produced from domesticated natural silkworms that are bred in captivity with no predators. Thus no chemicals are needed to protect them.

Silk pillowcases are skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types and ages including your children.

Luxury Factor- Always Be Spoiled

Silk pillowcases have that luxurious pamper factor that just makes them extra special to sleep on. With an unrivalled natural luster and sumptuous drape, silk is a versatile fabric that adds glamour and vibrancy to your bed. There is no more luxurious feeling at the end of the day than laying your head on a soft, smooth silk pillowcase.

A silk pillowcase could also be the best gift for someone you love if you want to treat them something really good and luxury. Everyone is deserved to be spoiled!



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