Why SPOIL ME Silk Pillowcase is Cheaper than Other Brands?

  • Focus on products
  • Best customer service
  • Less spend on ADs
  • Simple and Eco package
Real silk is a luxury material, it’s beautiful, delicate and need to be maintained carefully. You may heard how good to have a silk pillowcase and want to have a try, but when looking at the price of some brands, you doubt is it worth with such an expensive thing? You may already have a silk pillowcase and know how nice to sleep on it, but when you want to replace your old silk pillowcase you added items to the shopping cart and hesitated to process payment because of prices? Don’t worry, we’re here to spoil you with reliable silk products and prices at good value. Don’t need to wait for sales or promotion, you can get the best price from SPOIL ME SILK N’ PEARLS!


Our products are made of real silk material, we guarantee our silk is genuine silk from natural cocoons, not artificial raw materials. Nowadays with modern technologies, fake silk can be produced to be very similar to real silk, sometimes it’s hard to indicate just by feeling the texture. The benefit and value between real silk and fake silk are completely different. We control quality and test each batch to make sure our silk is genuine pure silk. We also provide silk sample for you to understand and test what is real silk. To learn how to identify real silk please read our article: How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk For Slip Silk Pillowcase? 
Every person is unique and beautiful, you deserved to be spoiled. It’s a shame to miss good things because of price. We want to spoil you with beautiful silk at affordable prices. You can sleep like a queen on your silk pillowcase. When your silk pillowcase is old or not lustrous, you can replace it regularly without hesitating about prices. We try our best to find out reliable products and develop good prices. We try our best to make your money spend on products themselves not on overwhelming advertising, marketing or packages. We try our best to work efficiently to cost down.  

The secret of SPOIL ME is sincerity, nothing else.

Focus on products
We focus on products and develop the best price. We have direct source of silk products and strictly control both prices and quality. Our products are made of real silk, no fake artificial silk. We treat you with real good things. Your money spends on a real silk pillowcase instead on Ads, marketing or excessive packaging.
Best customer service
We provide you the best customer service and treat you like our friends and family members. We do appreciate your likes, it’s the best motivation for our silk business. You talked about us, you bought from us again and again, and you’re massager of our silk products.
Less spend on ADs
Some brands spend lots of money on advertising and marketing, however SPOIL ME believe good products with reasonable prices are the best advertising to the market, we believe sincere service is the best marketing strategy in the world. We minimize spend on Ads but mostly focus on products and customer services.
Simple and Eco package
We use simple and secure package instead of flashy box. You spend your money on real good products not on useless packages. If you want to send our silk pillowcases as a gift, we provided paper gift bags separately and it can be reused to protect our environment.




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