The Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day is Silk

Happy mothers day! Mother's day 2022 is the perfect time to surprise your mum. Moms deserve a shout-out on Mother’s Day: mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, foster moms, bonus moms, other mothers, aunts, wives, partners, sisters, friends, fellow moms, mentors and women who love with a mother’s heart. Lovely silk product is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for her to express your love. Our mother's day gift ideas includes a range of silk products like silk pillowcases, silk sleep masks… that mum will love. Beautiful and luxury silk is one of the best friends of women that guarantee to make moms happy. We hope our ideas help you honor and celebrate the amazing mothers in your life!

Silk Pillowcase

spoil me silk pillowcase australia

Your mum would give you the world, so give her presents that really counts on Mother's Day. Give your mum a good rest with luxury and comfy silk pillow cases. Pillowcases made from real pure silk is super soft and smooth, very cosy to sleep with. Once she used a silk pillowcases she won’t use other pillowcases any more. Pure silk is also breathable and cool that can help your mum sleep better and longer. The best thing is natural pure silk contains amino acids of glycine, alanine, serine which brings moisture to hair and skin and let your mum have younger skin and smoother hair. Your mum will definitely love these silk pillowcases!

Silk Sleep Mask

spoil me silk sleep mask

Whether your mom struggles with insomnia or late-night anxiety or simply needs a more relaxing wind-down routine to increase her chances of getting more shut-eye, a nice silk sleep mask is small but will the spot. Compare to a normal sleep mask, a silk sleep mask is super light and soft, your mum will feel she’s doing eyes and face massage while she is wearing it. Once she tried a silk sleep eye mask she will not use other sleep mask any more. It’s so convenient to bring everywhere and can block light properly, not just for sleep, your mom can use it whenever she need a rest: during travelling, for a nap or just a break at work. A silk sleep mask is affordable which is great for someone has limited budget for Mother’s Day gifts. And it’s also a great idea to add it to your Mother’s Day gifts together with other silk products like silk pillowcases.

Silk Face Mask

spoil me silk face mask

A face mask made from pure silk can reduce skin irritation (especially maskne) for your mum while keep them healthy and safe. Pure silk material is soft and smooth, very comfortable to wear and won’t feel hard to breath. It’s also great to protect your from dust, pollen or sun ray if they have problem like hey fever, solar dermatitis.

Silk Cap


spoil me silk sleep cap australia

A silk cap is great for your mum to have smooth and untangled hair. She can wear is for sleep, real silk can bring moisture to her hair that make her hair smooth and shinning. She can also wear it at home for and accessions to protect her hair from dust, oil: doing house work, cooking, WFH or DIY Spa at home. Just enjoy a relax and luxury time with silk.


Silk Towel


spoil me silk towel

A towel made of real pure silk will surprise your mum as it is luxury that made of pure silk. A silk towel is soft and absorbs water quickly just like normal face towel. But silk is a kind of protein fiber which is more gentle to skin and contains amino acids of glycine, alanine, serine which can make skin younger. Her skin will be clean, bright and firmer if your mum use silk face towel for long term. An extra benefit is Silk towels is that pure silk is more resistant to mold, fungi and can dry quickly. So a silk face towel is less likely to be stinky, mold that cause skin issues.


Silk Scarf

spoil me silk scarf australia

Your mum is always happy to receive a silk scarf as a gift, she will never have enough silk scarves! A silk scarf is luxury and beautiful, it can be used in so many ways: a neck scarf, a headband, a head wrap, a bag decoration, a choker….one scarf can be used in various ways to create different outfit for your mum. A silk scarf is timeless and can last long. Every time your mum wear your silk scarf you gave to her, she must be very happy and proud as this is a Mother’s Day gift from you!

Silk Gloves

spoil me silk gloves australia

Let your Mum combat dry skin and care her hands with these beautiful silk gloves. SPOIL ME silk gloves is made from pure silk knit, they’re light, soft and stretchable, very comfortable to wear. Pure silk can bring moisture to her hands and protect her hands from sun ray which casus sun spots on her hands.

Silk Underwear

spoil me women silk underwear australia
Your mum will really enjoy wearing a silk underwear! SPOIL ME silk underwear is not just looks beautiful, it’s feels beautiful too. It is super smooth and breathable to wear a underwear made from pure silk, just like wearing nothing. Super silk is also skin friendly and great for sensitive skin. Say bye bye to wet, greasy feeling and irritation skin issues.

Silk Hair Curler

spoil me heatless silk hair curler australia

If your mum use hair curlers or wants to create curly hair styles, she must be very happy to receive a heatless silk hair curler! SPOIL ME heatless silk rods are heatless with no heat damage to hair. The soft rod is covered with beautiful pure mulberry silk which can treat hair gently and create volume curls with natural look. Say bye bye to frizzy, fragile hair and say hello to smooth, shinning hair with romantic curls.

Silk Pillowcase Gift Set


spoil me gift boxed silk pillowcase australia

Love your mum, give her all silk products she loves. SPOIL ME silk pillowcases gift box is great to spoil your mum at great value, it comes with a pair of silk pillowcase and a silk sleep masks . You can also create your own special gift hamper to your mum with all silk products she would love!



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