Is Spoil Me Silk Pillowcase Made of Real Silk Material?

SPOIL ME is an Australian local silk seller provides all kinds of products made of real silk material. Apart from silk pillowcase, we also sell many other silk products worth having like silk bonnet, silk blindfold, silk towel, silk underwear, silk scrunchie, silk gloves, silk mask etc. We hope real silk could bring you unmourns benefit to your hair & skin and light up your day with a little luxury. You deserved to be spoiled!



Nowadays with modern technologies, fake silk can be produced to be very similar to real silk, it’s hard to indicate just by feeling the texture with untrained eye. Also silk material comes with different texture like chiffon, organza, georgette, charmeuse. Fake silk (like polyester) is made of artificial materials from coal, petroleum and real silk is from natural cocoons. The price of real silk usually is 10 times of fake silk like polyester. Silk is a kind of protein which is more close to your skin and hair. The benefit is also completely different (If you want to know more about the benefit of real silk please refer to our other articles:What’s So Special about Silk Material? ). However it’s very easy to identify real silk, the way is simple and straightforward. You can do a bit research to find out how to test real silk or refer our article How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk For Slip Silk Pillowcase?

We focus on products with a serious attitude. We have direct source of silk products and strictly control both prices and quality. Our products are made of real silk, no fake artificial silk. We control quality and test each batch to make sure our silk is genuine pure silk. We also provide mulberry silk samples for you to start your silk journey, you can feel real silk and understand it, you can test it in person to learn how to identify real silk. So you won’t ruin your beautiful silk pillowcase for testing or take risk of getting fake silk.


Silk Products You Must Have

Silk Pillowcase

spoil me pink silk pillowcase

Think about how many hours you stay with your pillowcase everyday? It’s definitely important to choose a good pillowcase! A silk pillowcase can bring you long term benefits, it can naturally hydrates your skin & hair, keep your skin young and make your hair smooth. It is so smooth and comfy that keep you cool. Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams!


Silk Eye Mask

spoil me silk eye mask

It’s so light and comfy, once you tried it, you won’t use other blindfold anymore. It’s small, you can use take it everywhere and use it any time. And it’s not expensive, definitely worth having one!


Silk Underwear

spoil me women's silk underwear

Cool and slippery! If you feel your polyester underwear is hot and greasy, try a silk underwear. If your skin is sensitive or irritated, try a silk underwear.


Silk towel

spoil me silk towel

Upgrade your beauty tower to be silk! Great choice for sensitive or irritated face!


Silk Bonnet

spoil me silk cap

Treat your hair with a silk cap. Protect your hair from dust & dirt and keep hair smooth all the time.





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