Silk, Bamboo Silk, Bamboo - What’s the difference?

Bamboo Fabric

How bamboo textile is made?

Bamboo fabric is wood textile which is made from bamboo plant. Modern bamboo textile/bamboo cloth for clothes, bedding, towels or socks is usually viscose rayon, a fibre made by dissolving the cellulose in the bamboo, and then extruding it to form fibres. It’s a semi-synthetic fibre made by chemically reshaping cellulose.

Cost of bamboo fabric

Bamboo is the member of the grass family, they grow fast and are easy to plant and harvest. The cost of raw bamboo is cheap and bamboo fabric could be produced through automation production, so bamboo fabric usually is cheaper than cotton and silk fabric.

Feature of bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is breathable and easy to dry, because of this, antibacterial properties is widely known as its main feature. Because it’s wood fibre, bamboo textile is durable and easy to maintain. But because it’s entirely synthetic, the production is a chemical process, you should beware of low quality bamboo fabric, sleeping in or wearing varieties of low quality bamboo fabric has shown to emit toxic substances that can lead to headaches, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and insomnia.


Bamboo Linen/ Bamboo Silk Fabric

How bamboo linen is made?

Some bamboo fabric is manufactured with a mechanical rather than a chemical process. Similar to retting flax into linen fibre, bamboo material is crushed to get bamboo fibres, and be washed and spun into yarn. This yarn usually has a silky texture, and the fabric made by this process is sometimes called bamboo linen and sometimes are marketed as bamboo silk fabric.

Cost of bamboo Linen

Only small part of bamboo fabric is made through mechanical process. Bamboo linen is highest quality bamboo fabric and the price is higher than normal bamboo fabric. It may more expensive than normal cotton, but cheaper than forms of luxury cotton like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Supima cotton.

Feature of bamboo Linen

Bamboo line can be created to provide a similar feel to silk and easy to wash and care. The smooth touching could be very close to silk but silk is softer and finer. Not like silk material which is a kind of protein fibre, bamboo fabric is wood fibre that don’t have the same beautiful benefit to skin and hair.

Because the production is a mechanical process, it has less harmful chemicals. However, not like pure silk that is straightforward to identify, bamboo linen is hard to identify, it’s impossible to tell if this material is produced through a mechanical process just by touching. You may think you got bamboo line actually it’s synthetic fabric or blended fabric.

Silk Material

How silk material is made?

Silk material is protein fibre which is from cocoons. Silkworms spin a single silk thread to make their cocoons. When they are finished, silkworm harvesters dissolve the cocoon, which is then processed and turned into silk thread.

Cost of silk material

Wearing silk was an important status symbol in ancient. Nowadays silk fabric is still luxury and expensive material. The production is still labor intensive that need people’s hard working to harvest silk cocoons and produce. The cost is high and the productivity is limited each year, that’s why pure real silk is much more expensive than bamboo or cotton. Some seller use cheap satin, silk blend or other silk like material to pretend to be genuine silk. However it’s straightforward to identify really pure silk. And the benefit and good of real silk is irreplaceable.

Feature of silk material

Real silk sheets will be soft and touchable, not slippery like other silk like synthetic fabric. It’s more fine and delicate than other materials. Different from bamboo or other fabric, silk is protein fibre which is similar component of your skin and hair. Because of this silk is more skin friendly that causes less skin irritations, suit people have skin issues, skin eczema or have sensitive skin. Silk contains amino acid that can bring moisture to your skin and hair, make your skin younger, and let your hair smoother. Products made from luxury mulberry silk are worth having: silk pillowcase, silk sleep mask, silk turban/silk cap are great for a beauty sleep; silk clothes, silk sleepwear, silk underwear, silk bar are so beautiful and super comfy to wear; there’re also many hidden treasures that you may not familiar with like silk towel, silk socks, silk gloves

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