Heatless Silk Hair Curler-One of the Best Hair Styling Products with No Hair Damage

spoil me heatless silk hair curler

Heat Damage for Hair

Hair is a protein filament and it can’t withstand a temperature above certain degrees. High or excessive heat can permanently break the S-S or disulfide bonds within hair strands that give hair its strength along with protein cross links. Because of this, heat can cause serious hair damage that make your hair become dry, frizzy, dull, easy to break and cause split end.

When your hair is damaged by heat, it’s permanently damaged. Heat damage can be prevented or treated but not repaired by any hair products. Just image you cook a piece of meat (protein-the same component as hair), protein will shrink and be burnt after heating. No matter how you treat it after cooking, you can’t recover it back to a piece of fresh meat. It’s a kind of irreversible chemical change to your hair.

You may have tried so many hair serum, hair moisturizer; you may have done all kids of hair treatment: dry scalp treatment, hair breakage treatment, dry damaged hair treatment, but still can’t get healthy and smooth hair that you want, that may explain the reason if you use hot tools a lot.

Heat Damage from Hot Tools

Curling iron, air wrap, air brush and blow dryers are all great hair curler product, and they can help you create curly hairstyles for any occasions when used in moderation. Even though these hot tools can give you the look you want, it can be at the expense of your hair’s health—hair breakage, dry and dull hair, and split ends hair.

No matter how these hot rollers are branded as high technology, all heat appliances are created equally, the working principle to curl hair is the same break down your hair’s bonds with heat first, change your hair’s texture and then mold it. If you have used hot tools to curl your hair you must have experience that if it’s not hot enough you can’t style your hair properly. That means you need to break down your hair’s bonds (damage your hair) with heat first while you reshape your hair and this damage cannot be recovered. After using heat curling wand to curl your hair day after day, your hair will be frizzy and fragile.

Switch to Heatless Hair Curlers -Curl your hair With Natural Hair Products

You can still have beautiful bouncy curly hairstyles while keep them healthy, smooth and shinning. Leave hot hair rollers/hair waver or only use them occasionally, switch to natural heatless hair curlers could let you have more healthy & glossy hair and create natural curly hair style or wavy hairstyles.

There’re many heatless way to curl your hair-braid your hair, use heatless hair rollers, loop strands of hair over the headband or a towel etc. The heatless way does not break down your hair bonds or ‘cook’ your hair. Curling hair with heat changes is a kind of irreversible chemical change to your hair however using heatless hair rollers is just a kind of physical change which doesn’t affect the quality of your hair. Someone may feel heatless way is not so convenient or fast compare to hot tools, but if you can apply smartly (like wear overnight or do it during WFH) it’s a long term benefit for you to obtain healthy hair and create beautiful hair style. It can also save your time and money on hair care products and other treatment for hair.

The Best Hair Curler- Heatless Curlers made from REAL SILK

Your hair is deserved to be treated with something luxury-pure silk is protein which is similar to your hair. Use real pure silk is one of the best treatment for hair. Natural pure silk can moisture your hair and make your hair more shinning and smooth.

A silk hair curler is one of the best hair curler and hair care products. Normal heatless hair rollers are mainly made from plastic, foam, polyester fabric, but a silk hair curler is made from real pure silk which comes with fine and smooth texture, it’s gentler to your hair and treat your hair beautifully like salon hair care.

Turn silk to be one of the best curly hair products and enjoy the benefit of silk for your hair, you can find a silk scarf or silk headband made from 100% real silk and loop strands of hair over as your hair curler. But use a ready to use heatless silk hair curler rods is more convenient, the rod is soft and the can help you create volume curls which looks natural and romantic. And the silk rods are a great curlers for long hair. SPOIL ME is specialised in selling all kids of silk products, the heatless silk hair curler is made from luxury pure mulberry silk and it’s one of the best hair products online. Beauties, have stunning curly hairstyle with beautiful silk!

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