A Silk Pillowcase or A Satin Pillowcase?

  • I heard people talking about silk pillowcases, should I get one too?
  • A satin pillowcase is much cheaper than a silk pillowcase, which one should I buy?

Here’s a story from one of our customer:
Hi, I’m Joanna- a fan of silk and I’m going to share my story about how I started my silk journey.

I wanted to replace my old cotton pillowcase as more and more people were discussing silk pillowcases. It sounded fantastic to have younger skin and smoother hair just through sleeping on a pillowcase. No complex or time consuming operation, it’s perfect for a busy mom like me (my beauty tools were sleeping in the cupboard for ages)!

I like online shopping to save my time and hunt for bargains. Some brands were selling around $80-$100 for just one pillowcase so I headed to shopping platforms to compare prices. What a big bargain, finally I got a pair of “silk pillowcases” for just $15! You’re right, they’re actually satin pillowcases. I were lack of experience or didn’t do enough research, my fault.

The “silk pillowcases” I received were slippery and shinning, I slept on them immediately and hoped my skin and hair could be treated beautifully. But except the texture was slippery I can’t feel anything special, I even didn’t like the slippery feeling. My skin is very sensitive, it was dry, itchy and red especially during winter because of climate changing. With the new “silk pillowcases” my face was irritated again. I thought my skin might be allergic to “silk”. And I got hair static when I sleep on it. At last I changed back to my old cotton pillowcases. Thanked goodness I didn’t spend a lot of money on luxury “silk” !

I nearly forgot this experience until my mom gave me a real silk pillowcase (from SPOIL ME )as a birthday gift. I told her I had tried  “silk pillowcases”  and I were allergic to “silk”. she told me I must got satin pillowcase instead of real silk pillowcase as real silk can’t be that cheap(but SPOIL ME’s price is very affordable). I dug out my previous “silk pillowcase”  from garage and compared the real silk one my mom gave me, they’re very similar but my mom’s silk pillowcase was slightly finer and the material is thinner, feels more soft. Honestly I couldn’t tell huge differences.

I tried a real silk pillowcase that my mom gave me, the feeling of real silk was so good! It’s so different from satin! Soft and smooth! As I mentioned before, I didn’t like the slippery feeling of a satin pillowcase, a silk pillowcase was slippery too but it’s finer and lighter. I just liked it. My hair didn’t become shining but I can feel my hair was more smooth and not tangled like before. My wrinkles didn’t disappeared immediately but my skin was stable. There’s no issue at all for my fragile face! The best thing is real silk is nice and cool, it calmed my skin and bring me good night’s sleep. Thank goodness my mom gave me a real silk pillowcase!

The silk pillowcase my mom gave me let me fall in love with silk. I tried many other products made of silk afterwards, all happy. Once you start your silk journey you’ll be addicted to it!

Tips from SPOIL ME:

The comparison of silk pillowcase and satin pillowcase


Silk Pillowcase

Satin Pillowcase


It’s protein  which is similar ingredient of your hair and skin. It’s natural material from cocoons.

It’s polyester, a kind of artificial plastic material from coal, petroleum


More than 10 times the price of polyester satin

Super cheap


Silk thread allows 33%-38% space in between the in their structure being breathable

Not breathable


The natural protein structure makes it naturally hypoallergenic textile and it is less likely to cause allergic

Not ideal for sensitive or fragile skin

Ability to regulate temperature

Help insulate in cold weather to keep you warm and be absorbent & breathable in summer to make you cool

You’ll  get all sweaty during summer or hot weather

Ability to hydrate skin & hair

Silk is made up of two primary proteins- fibroin and sericin. They have amino acids which can moisturize your skin & hair and firm your face

Not much benefit for your skin or hair

Static Electricity

Less static electricity

Easy to cause static electricity


Very soft and smooth, texture is finer

Texture is slightly thicker and rougher, but can be very similar to real silk

Slippery Degree

Slippery, but feels more comfortable and delicate than satin

Very slippery



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