How to Get Younger Hands? - Beauty Tips and Secrets for Hands

wear silk gloves to care hands

Nowadays it’s not that hard to make you look younger and better if you invest enough time & money: dye hair to cover grey hair, do face treatment like botox, laser therapies, or injectables to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and restore lost volume in hollow cheeks, or choose surgery to lift your face. Some Japanese women who are over 50 years old look like only around 30! However while you’re looking after your face and hair, never forget to look after your hands too. Hands are exposed to wind, rain, work, sun and water, and as a result they age faster than other areas of the body. It’s also important to care hands and make your hands look nice and young. It’s embarrassed to have spots, wrinkles on your rough hands while you have a flawless young face. Never let your hands to tell people your real age.

Apply Hand Cream as Frequently as You Can

silk gloves for women is better than hand cream

Compare to face washing, we do hands washing much more frequently every day. Washing removes the natural oils that lubricate your skin and protect against dry and cracked surfaces. Also there’re much less sebaceous glands produce oil on your hands which means keep your hands moisturised is the most important thing. Use hand cream as frequently as you can is the simplest and most effective way to keep your hands young.

The trick is to find the best cream for hands that suit you and prepare many tubes of hand creams and put anywhere you may need it: bathroom, kitchen, bedsides, handbags, office… that could remind you to use hand creams and be convenient to reach: after the toilet, after cooking, during working, during shopping, before sleep etc.…

Apply Sunscreen or Choose SPF Hand cream

you need silk gloves to protect hands from UV damage

You know it’s important to slather sunscreen on your face every single day, but have you ever considered the importance of protecting your hands, too? Hands get similar levels of UV damage from the sun, over time, your hands can begin to look hollow and winkled and UV exposure can also cause discolorations or spots to appear. You may looking for hand moisture which is the best hand moisturizer or anti aging hand cream, but do remember to check if it has UV protect function. Especially while you’re looking for gardening hand cream, working hands lotion, do make sure they can protect your skin from Sun damage.
You can apply sunscreen to protect your hands from UV exposure but sun screen is removed every time you wash hands with soap or hands wash, you need to apply again. SPF Hand cream is more convenient that can help protect your skin from sun damage and help fight signs of dryness and aging.


Wear Gloves Especially Silk Gloves

women wear white silk gloves
wear silk gloves

Wearing gloves is another effective way to protect your hand skin and keep your hands looks younger. Gloves can protect your hand skin from scratching, rubbing and avoid contact with harmful substances which makes your hands skin rough and aged. Gloves can also protect your hands from UV rays and reduce sunspots or age spots on your hands.

100% silk gloves

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A pair of silk gloves is also worth having, you can wear it on various occasion for caring your hands: shopping, walking, driving, riding a bike even wedding. The traditional silk we have in mind is not stretchable which is used to make silk pillowcases. However silk can be produced to be various textures, silk knit fabric made from 100% pure silk is stretchable, soft, light and super breathable-very comfortable to wear every day. Silk gloves look nice & elegant and suit all seasons. Silk can keep your skin moisturised which is an extra bonus for your hands. Pure silk material is also friendly to sensitive skin and great for eczema. Beside hand eczema cream, people has skin irritation on hands can also consider to wear silk gloves to protect hands from allergen.

spoil me cycling silk gloves

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Silk biking gloves are suitable for any outdoor activities like hiking, biking, gardening etc., can protect your hands from UV damage and keep hand moisture. The 100% silk knit material is soft and comfy to wear and as silk is super breathable can reduce hand sweat. You can wear all year alone.

silk gloves for wedding
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Silk ladies gloves for women are light and elegant, you can wear them as daily life or wedding gloves/bridal gloves. Instead of cheap disposal polyester wedding gloves, a pair of white silk gloves is more luxury and could be a wedding souvenir be kept for forever or be used daily for hands care.

Treat Your Hands with a Hand Mask

hands mask before silk gloves

Our poor hands really go through the wringer, they deserved intensive treatments regularly. On top of hand cream, sunscreen and gloves, you can incorporate a hand mask to have an extra special care to your hands and reduce sign of aging.

hands mask wear silk gloves

You can find many ready to use hand masks for purchasing however a DIY way is also cheap and effective. Apply a very thick layer of hand cream, olive oil or Vaseline after you clean your hands, then warp your hands with plastic wrap or wear a pair of rubber gloves, keep as long as you can. You can apply before bed and wear them overnight to have a better result. After that, remove extra creams or oils and massage your hands to absorb. Plastic wrap or rubber gloves can seal moistures and increase temperature to let your skin absorb more effectively. You will find your hands are so soft and smooth. If you do hand mask before sleep, you can also wear a pair of silk gloves after hand mask, the silk sleep gloves can keep your hands moisture and treat your skin beautifully at night!

Avoid Chemicals

harmful chemicals for skin

Your hands will reach various harmful chemicals that damage your skin and cause skin aging.

Wear a tough and comfortable gloves when you work in the garden or do house maintenance can protect your hands from injury and also reduce the risk of touching chemicals like fertilizer, pesticide, silicon, WD-40, glue etc. Wear rubber or waterproof gloves when you do washing, laundry or cleaning to prevent touching various detergent. Detergents for home cleaning that can remove dirt and marks effectively mainly contain bleach, strong acid etc, they can take away oil and moisture from your skin and also cause serious skin issues.

Beware of alcohol. We drink alcohol. Many beauty products contain alcohol like toner, makeup remover, and perfume. During Covid, we use a lot of hand sanitizer to clean hands and the main ingredient is alcohol. Because of these, many people think alcohol is safe to skin. However alcohol dehydrate the skin, deprive the moisture and nutrients that increase the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin. Wash your hands with mild soap instead of using hand sanitiser, only use hand sanitiser when you can’t wash hands with soap. Avoid touch cleaners contains alcohol, always wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

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